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Katie Vajda Portrait 2 (Photo Credit _ma



My fine art practice blends photography, performance and observation to redefine and challenge where the human body fits within the lived paradigm, while referencing and subverting current visual culture. 


IG: @katievajda

Winner: HK Human Rights Arts Prize

Hong Kong  - 2014

Winner: Hong Kong Arts Festival 

Photography Campaign, Gold Award

Hong Kong 2016

Finalist: Clifton Arts Prize

Hong Kong - 2017


Finalist: RAW Arts Prize (Professional)

Hong Kong - 2021

Finalist: Little Things Arts Prize

Hong Kong - 2021


Director, HK Human Rights Arts Prize 

- 2017 

- 2018 


Judge, HK Human Rights Arts Prize 

- 2020

- 2021

Panel Discussion HKHRAP,  2018

The Hive Spring Gallery

Kellet International School HK - Yr 9, 2018

On Photography, Art and Activism


Korean International School HK - Yr 11, 2017

On Photography, Art and Activism

Metta, International Women's Day x Camel Assembly, 2017 - Artist Talk & Photo Shoot.


Artist Talk, The Fringe Club, HK 2015

The Hive Spring Gallery

Hong Kong Arts Centre  Hong Kong.

The Collectors Choice Art Exhibition

2023: 23rd March - 10 April. Group Show

Woollongong Art Gallery  Australia.

'There's a Crack in Everything' - Photography/Performance Documentation.

2022: August. Group Show

Baker Miller Pink Gallery  Saint Peters, Sydney Australia.

A Series of Small Rebellions  

2021: 3 - 10  December. Solo Show


Saint Cloche Gallery  Paddington, Sydney Australia.

Finalist, Little Things Art Prize  

2021: 13 -24th October. Group Show

Ravenswood Women's Arts Prize  Sydney Australia.

Finalist Professional Category / Exhibition 

2021: May. Group Show


PH Museum - Familiar Strangers (Exhibition & Book) Bologna, Italy. Art City Segnala.

Curated by Spazio Labo' + PH Museum 

2020: 15 January - 5 March. Group Show


Micro Galleries International Day of Creative Action, Hong Kong  
2019:  Sept 21 - October 21. Street Art - Group Show 

24Hour Project Tehran Exhibition - Documenting Humanity  
2019: August 23 - September 3. Group Show

The Conscious Festival The Body Domestic - Plastic. Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong  

2019: April 13 -14 . Group Show

Social Transformations RMIT x HKAS Alumni show 

The Body Domestic - Plastic. Pao Galleries, Hong Kong 
2018: November 10 - 29. Group Show.

International Women's Day x Camel Assembly #ActiveActivists Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong.

2018: March 8. Solo Show.

Cliffton's Art Prize Finalists Exhibition  Hong Kong 

The Body Domestic - Flowers

2017: November. Group Show.

Aukland & Indian Photo Festival: RMIT Projection Exhibition New Zealand / India

The Body Domestic
2017: Group Show.

Affordable Art Fair  Gallerie Koo, Hong Kong 

2017: Group Show.

AO Vertical Gallery  Hong Kong 

The Body Domestic - Curated by: Blues Wong

2016: November. Solo Show.

Fresh Trend 2016 Exhibition  City Hall, Hong Kong 

2016. Group Show.

Hong Kong Arts Festival Photography Campaign Cultural Centre, Hong Kong 

2016. Group Show.

Incite - RMIT x HKAS Graduation Show Pao Galleries - The Arts Centre, Hong Kong 
2016: Group Show.

Art Miami  Michael Goedhuis, Miami USA 

2015: Group Show.

Fine Art Asia  Arts Echo to society, Conference & Exhibition Centre - Hong Kong 

2015: HK Art School. Group Show.

20 Girls  The Arts Centre, Hong Kong 

2015: Solo Show.

HK Human Rights Arts Prize  Sundaram Tagore Gallery - Hong Kong 

2014: Group Show.

Lightscapes 6  Into Wonderland, Melbourne Laneways - Australia 

2014: Group Show.

Into Wonderland  Little Square Gallery - Hong Kong 

2013: Group Show.


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